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Tue 10 Apr 2018
Barrie Walters - Victorian Scientists & Engineers in Lancashire.


The Victorian period was a very prolific time for inventions and Engineering breakthroughs. Two Scientists and two Engineers were discussed and not necessarily the main famous names that people think of.

The 18 year old Victoria came to the throne in 1837.

The main timeline:
Queen Victoria reigned 1837 - 1901

Michael Faraday (1791-1867)
James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879)

John Ambrose Fleming (1849-1845)
Joseph Whitworth (1803-1887)

Barrie Walters

Michael Faraday devised the laws of induction leading to the first dynamo and generation of electricity.
At the time he was asked “What is the use of Electricity?” His reply was “What’s the use of a new born baby?”

Michael Faraday (1791-1867)

James Clerk Maxwell was a mathematician who made fascinating discoveries on early colour projection and the first colour photograph in 1861. He was an early pioneer of the use of radio waves.

First colour image 1861

James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879)

John Ambrose Fleming.
English electrical engineer and physicist and born in Lancaster. He invented the first thermionic valve.
In November 1904 John Ambrose Fleming filed a patent for a device called the Thermionic Valve. When used with a galvanometer it could be used as a detector of high frequency wireless currents, known as radio waves.
This lead to Marconi developing the equipment to sends first Atlantic wireless transmission between Cornwall, Engand and Newfoundand, Canada on 12 Dec 1901

John Ambrose Fleming (1849-1845)

Joseph Whitworth.
Engineer & inventor. In 1841 he devised the British Standard Whitworth thread system so screw threads across engineering were compatible. He also standardised and improves the rifle armaments in general. One legacy is the Whitworth Art Gallery and adjacent Whitworth Park in Manchester

Joseph Whitworth (1803-1887)


Fri 27 Apr 2018
Chorley Historical and Archaeological Society Annual Dinner
and celebration of the 100th anniversary of the formation of the Society.


A great evening at the Seaview, Whittle-le-Woods for the Chorley Historical and Archaeological Society Annual Dinner and celebration for the 100th anniversary of the formation of the Society.

100 years old

The Seaview, Whittle-le-Woods.

Chorley Historical & Archeological Society


Tue 10 Apr 2018


This evening's Chorley Historical & Archaeological Society meeting is the last before the Society is 100 years old on Fri 27th Apr 2018. The meeting was treated to a special 100th Birthday Cake made by a member of the St Laurence’s Group. The event will coincide with the Society’s Annual Dinner at the Seaview.

Mon 09 Apr 2018
Funeral of Rita Platt


At 1pm attended the funeral of Rita Platt (21 Sep 1936 – 22 Mar 2018) at St John’s Church, Hewlett St., Coppull.
Rita was one of the founding members of the Family History Group and was also responsible for holding the first education classes and the project leader responsible for getting most of our Parish register transcribed.
The Cremation was held at Charnock Richard Crematorium. Her knowledge and ability to find thing out was astonishing. She was a great help to me with some of my projects.



A moving poem
If Tomorrow Starts Without Me’ by David Romano was read out at the cremation. The last 2 lines read:
So when tomorrow starts without me don’t think we’re far apart,
For every time you think of me, I’m right here in your heart.

St John's Coppull.