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Tue 11th Jun 2024 Stephen Taylor – Rufford Old Hall.
Tue 14th May 2024 John Harrison– Co-operation in Chorley – 1830 to 1880.
Sun 28th Apr 2024 198th Anniversary Commemorations of the Weavers Uprising. Chatterton Peace Park, St Phillips Church, Chatterton Rd, Ramsbottom, Bury BL0 0PQ
Click here for further details.
Tue 09th Apr 2024 There was no presentation as planned by Derek Crompton on “Thomas Hawksley.”
The replacement was 'The Social History of Withnell Fold' by Boyd Harris.
Tue 12th Mar 2024 Estelle Bryers – Entertainment in Chorley.
Tue 13th Feb 2024 John Harrison – Chorley Dispensary and its Doctors.
Tue 09th Jan 2024 Boyd Harris – A Photographic Journey through History.
Tue 12th Dec 2023 Christmas social evening quiz.
Tue 14th Nov 2023 David Lloyd– Historic Bolton - Churchgate and Deansgate part 2 .
Tue 10th Oct 2023 Keith C. Hick– From Fairclough to AMEC-The story of a Lancashire based construction industry.
Tue 12th Sep 2023 Annual general meeting and members' reportst.
Tue 08th Aug 2023 Louise Wade– Not Just the 3R's.
Tue 11th Jul 2023 No Meeting.
Tue 13th Jun 2023 Tom Preston– Great Lancashire Comedians.
Tue 09th May 2023 Stan Pearson– History of a World War II Chorley Soldier.
Tue 11th Apr 2023 Raymond Smith– From Muck and Music to Stones and Roses.
Tue 14th Mar 2023 Sarah Horne– North West Air Ambulance.
Tue 14th Feb 2023 Dr Paul Salveson– Lancashire - Airbrushed out of History.
Tue 10th Jan 2023 Boyd Harris – General Historical Projects & updates.
Tue 13th Dec 2022 Christmas social evening quiz.
Tue 08th Nov 2022 Paul Salveson– The Forgotten Railways of Lancashire.
Tue 11th Oct 2022 Brian Groom– Northerners from the Ice Age to the 21st Century.
Tue 13th Sep 2022 Annual general meeting and members' reportst.
Tue 09th Aug 2022 Steve Halliwell– 'Moses Holden (1777-1864) - Self-educated Genius'
Tue 12th Jul 2022 No Meeting.
Tue 14th Jun 2022 John Ball – Astley Park – Its Park & Its People.
Sat 14th May 2022 The LLHF (Lancashire Local History Federation) “At Home” is hosted this year by the Westhoughton Local History Group. It is to be held at Westhoughton High School and the Group have a most interesting set of speakers lined up for the day. I hope you will be able to join us.
The application form should be available here.
Tue 10th May 2022 Anthony Poulton-Smith – Ancient Trackways.
Tue 12th Apr 2022 David Lloyd – Historic Tour of Churchgate and Deansgate, Bolton.
Tue 22nd Mar 2022 Lancashire Local History Federation Zoom meeting at 7pm.
AGM then Dr Mike Winstanley on ‘Did Shakespeare spend his ‘lost years’ as a teenager in Lancashire?’
Join Zoom Meeting
Access after 6.45pm for prompt 7.00pm start.
Fri 04th Mar 2022 Annual dinner @ TBC **postponed**
Tue 08th Mar 2022 A Crosby– Place Names and Medieval Landscape.
Tue 08th Feb 2022 Stuart McNulty – Brief History of Liverpool & Its Humour.
Tue 11th Jan 2022 Joseph O’Neill – Victorian Lodging House.
Tue 14th Dec 2021 Christmas social evening quiz.
Tue 09th Nov 2021 David Horsfield – Sir Henry Hibbert.
Tue 12th Oct 2021 David Lloyd – Restoration of Bolton’s Last Tram.
Wed 15th Sep 2021 Paul Salveson talk 'Will yo' come o' Sunday Mornin'? - the 1896 Battle for Winter Hill' At Salford Library at 14:00. 100 yards from Salford Crescent Railway Station.
Tue 14th Sep 2021 Annual general meeting and members' reports. **meetings will now go ahead**
Shirley Matthews – From Steam Land to Windmill Land.
Tue 10th Aug 2021 Shirley Matthews – From Steam Land to Windmill Land.
**cancelled & rescheduled to **
Tue July 2021 No meeting.
Tue 08th Jun 2021 John Ball – Astley Hall – Its Park and Its People. **cancelled**
Tue 11th May 2021 Stan Pearson – History of a World War 2 Chorley Soldier.  **cancelled**
Tue 13th Apr 2021 Anthony Poulton-Smith – Ancient Trackways. **cancelled**
Tue 09th Mar 2021 Sarah Horne – North West Air Ambulance. **cancelled**
March 2021 Annual dinner at The Seaview. **cancelled**
Tue 09th Feb 202 Stuart McNulty – Brief History of Liverpool and its Humour. **cancelled**
Tue 12th Jan 2021 Joseph O’Neill – Victorian Lodging House. **cancelled**
Tue 10 Mar 2020 Please note: From 10th Mar 2020 we will be at a new venue:
Primrose Gardens, ( old Ambulance Hall site) Fleet Street Chorley PR7 2EE. (behind doctors surgery)
Ample parking on Fleet Street Car Park – free after 6-p.m.
Tue 08 Dec 2020 Christmas social evening quiz.  [cancelled]
Tue 10 Nov 2020 David Horsfield - Sir Henry Hibbert.  [cancelled]
Tue 13 Oct 2020 Alan Crosby - Place Names and the Medieval Landscape.  [cancelled]
Tue 08 Sep 2020 Annual general meeting and members' reports   [cancelled]
Tue 11 Aug 2020 Joseph O'Neill - History of the Victorian Lodging House. [cancelled]
Tue 14 Jul 2020 No Meeting.
Tue 09 Jun 2020 Marion Rawnsley - A History of St Laurence's Church.  [cancelled]
Tue 12 May 2020 Stan Pearson - History of a World War 2 Chorley Soldier.  [cancelled]
Tue 14 Apr 2020 Anthony Poulton-Smith - Ancient Trackways.  [cancelled]
This year's CHAS trip had had to be cancelled due to the current and ongoing restrictions. We will be getting a refund of the moneys paid which will sent out as soon as possible to those who had made reservations.
Tue 10 Mar 2020 Steve Halliwell -My Work as a Local History Detective.
Fri 06 Mar 2020 Annual dinner at The Seaview.
Tue 11 Feb 2020 Dr Mark Lambert - The Development of the Book.
Tue 14 Jan 2020 Bill Walker - Myles Standish.
Tue 10 Dec 2019 Social Evening with Quiz
Tue 12 Nov 2019 Brian Healey - The Golden Age of the Trans-Atlantic Liner.
Tue 08 Oct 2019 David Hewitt - Joseph, 1917.
Tue 10 Sep 2019 Annual General Meeting - and Members’ Reports – A review of the year’s visits, outings and projects
Tue 13 Aug 2019 Dr David Hunt - Local History from a Balloon.
Tue 09 Jul 2019 No Meeting in July
Sun 07/8/9 Jul 2019 Visit to Tyneside and Teeside - Click here for more information.
Tue 11 Jun 2019 Wendy Klenkenburg - The History of Tiles.
Tue 14 May 2019 Nigel Neil - Archaeological Work at Whalley Abbey.
Tue 09 Apr 2019 Elaine Taylor - Smithills – Bolton.
Tue 12 Mar 2019 Paul Hindle - Maps and Turnpikes in Lancashire.
Fri 08 Mar 2019 Annual Dinner - at the Seaview, Whittle-le-Woods.
Tue 12 Feb 2019 Dr Bill Shannon - Hell Holes, Moss Houses and Meanygates.
Tue 08 Jan 2019 Ian Bagshaw - The Royal Mail & Secret Language of Postcards.
Tue 11 Dec 2018 Social evening with quiz
Tue 13 Nov 2018 Alex Houghton - A History of Red Poppies & White Poppies.
Tue 09 Oct 2018 Doreen Jolly - Sir Henry Tate.
Tue 11 Sep 2018 AGM and members' reports - a review of the year's visits, outings and projects.
Tue 14 Aug 2018 Dave Joy - Liverpool Cowkeepers - A Family History.
Sun 08 Jul 2018 John & Christine Harrison - CHAS trip to Edinburgh and Jedburgh. Click here for more information.
Tue 12 Jun 2018 Elaine Taylor - In a Monastery Garden.
Tue 08 May 2018 Stephen Gill - History of Photography & Photographic Restoration.
Fri 27 Apr 2018 Annual Dinner - At the Seaview, Whittle-le-Woods. The first meeting of our Society was on 27th Apr 1918. 19:30start
Tue 10 Apr 2018 Barrie Walters - Victorian Scientists & Engineers in Lancashire.
Tue 13 Mar 2018 Malcolm Tranter - Historic Western Cyprus.
Tue 13 Feb 2018 Paul Atherton - Viking Voices - True History 902 - 917 AD.
Tue 09 Jan 2018 Boyd Harris - People & Mountains of North East Nepal and 18th century border invasions.
Tue 12 Dec 2017 Social evening with quiz.
Thu 23 Nov 2017 SAMUEL PEPYS DIARIES - A dramalogue by Lizzie Jones At 7-30p.m. in the Trinity Methodist Church,
Gillibrand Walks, Chorley. Admission £5 incl. Refreshments. Tickets 01257 481006 or pay on the door
Tue 14 Nov 2017 Maria Sumner - Three Lancashire Suffragettes.
Tue 10 Oct 2017 David Casserly - The Real Knights Templar.
Tue 12 Sep 2017 AGM and members’ reports - a review of the year’s visits, outings and projects.
Sat 07 Sep 2017 Heritage Open Day. Chorley Unitarian Chapel, Park Street, Chorley. PR7 1ER 12noon – 16:00 -
Doreen Jolly will lead a short history walk at 13:30.
Tue 08 Aug 2017 Martin Baggoley - Murder on the High Seas.
Tue 11 Jul 2017 No meeting in July
Sat 15 Jul 2017 Visit to Goodshaw Chapel and Gambleside click here for details.
Tue 13 Jun 2017 Hilary Ambrose - Naughty Ancestors.
Tue 09 May 2017 Colin Penny - The History of Lancaster Castle.
Tue 11 Apr 2017 Russell Parry - The Appley Bridge Meteorite.
Tue 14 Mar 2017 Barrie Walters - We Are Stardust.
Fri 03 Mar 2017 Annual Dinner - at the Seaview, Whittle-le-Woods.
Tue 14 Feb 2017 Dr David Hunt - The Battle of Preston - 1715
Tue 10 Jan 2017 Boyd Harris - The Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan, it's people and an account of the first ascent of its mountain Chomolhari by British mountaineer Freddy Spencer Chapman (1907-1971) in 1937.
Tue 13 Dec 2016 Social evening with quiz.
Tue 08 Nov 2016 Ian Bagshaw - Lancashire Hotpot.
Thu 10 Nov 2016 Lizzie Jones - Will be performing a new costume dramalogue 'Margaret Paston' a mediaeval wife based on the ‘Paston Letters’ 7:30 p.m. St. Laurence Parish Church Chorley. Tickets £5 incl. refreshments. Book via 01257-481006 after Sep 16.
Sat 15 to
Mon 17 Oct 2016
London & Bletchley Park (CHAS group trip) Bletchley Park home of the code breakers and the Museum of London for "Fire! Fire!" exhibition & Thames + Greenwich. Optional British Museum & new exhibition, "The Real Atlantis."
Tue 11 Oct 2016 Malcolm Tranter - Ports of Lancashire.
Tue 13 Sep 2016 AGM and members’ reports – a review of the year’s visits, outings and projects
Tue 09 Aug 2016 Alan Davies - Mining & Art from Ancient Egypt to Modern Times.

Tue 12 Jul 2016

Joint walk with Chorley Family History Soc. Lead by C.H.A.S.
Meet at front steps, Chorley Library 6-45 p.m. for 7-00pm start
Tue 14 Jun 2016 Keith Warrender - Battle for Kinder Scout.
Tue 10 May 2016 David Ratledge - Roman Roads in Lancashire.
Tue 12 Apr 2016 Stephen Caunce. - Hiring Fairs of the North West.
Tue 08 Mar 2016 Bill Walker. - St George’s Church – and the commissioners’ church
Fri 04 Mar 2016 Annual Dinner at the Seaview, Whittle-le-Woods
Tue 09 Feb 2016 David Casserly. - Gladiator – life and death in the arena.
Tue 08 Dec 2015 Social evening with quiz
Tue 12 Jan 2016 Diving into History by Boyd Harris. - Excavating the underwater wreck of the 'Mary', the first Royal Yacht. Sunk of the Skerries, Anglesey in 1675 and discovered in 1971. Excavations by Chorley Sub-Aqua Club and Merseyside Sub-Aqua Club.
Also, diving on the remaining sunken wrecks of the German Fleet scuttled in Scapa Flow, Orkney Isles 1919.
Wed 11 Nov 2015 Lizzie Jones. will be returning in costume, along with music with a new dramologue entitled Lady Margaret Beaufort - Mother to the King - the 1st Countess of Derby. The venue is 07:30pm St. Laurence Church, Chorley
and the contact no. for tickets is 01257 481006. Tickets £4.00
Tue 10 Nov 2015 Mr. Bill Taylor. - Private William Tomlinson, the Indian Mutiny and The Third Opium War.
Tue 13 Oct 2015 Mr. John Doughty. - The Lancashire Witches "A Not Guilty Verdict".
Sat 12 Sep 2015 Heritage Open Day - CHORLEY UNITARIAN CHAPEL, Park St. Chorley will be open to visitors from 12 noon to 4-00pm Doreen will be available to talk about the history of the church.
Tue 08 Sep 2015 A.G.M. and members’ reports – a review of the year’s visits, outings and projects.
Tue 11 Aug 2015 Mr. Gregg Butler. John Harkness of Preston, Ballad Printer and his work.

No meeting
in July  2015

No meeting.
Sat-Mon 27,28,29 Jun
Visit to Stirling to visit Stirling Castle, Bannockburn Museum, Falkirk Wheel and the Antonine Wall.
A Channel5 programme of Stirling Castle, home of kings and felons can be seen here.
See News & Views May 2015 for more information.
Tue 09 Jun 2015 D.Horsfield/P.Jackson. - 'The Lightollers'
Tue 12 May 2015 Mr. Jonathan Ali. How to read a War Memorial.
Tue 14 Apr 2015 Mr. Graham Stirrup. Animals at War.
Tue 10 Mar 2015 Mr. David Casserly. Civil Wars in Lancashire 1641-1651.
Fri 06 Mar 2015 Annual Dinner at the Seaview, Whittle-le-Woods
Tue 10 Feb 2015 Dr. M. Turner. History of Rolls Royce.
Tue 13 Jan 2015 Dr. E. Isaac. Man on the Moor.
Tue 09 Dec 2014 Social evening with quiz
Thu 27 Nov 2014 Lizzie Jones "Hatched, Matched and Dispatched"
Chorley Community Centre, Railway Street, Chorley. PR7 2TZ. 7-30 p.m. Tickets £4. from 01257 481006
Tue 11 Nov 2014 Nigel Hampson. Titanic Talks.
Tue 14 Oct 2014 Steve Williams. 'Battlefields and Poppy Fields'
Tue 09 Sep 2014 A.G.M. and members’ reports – a review of the year’s visits, outings and projects.
Tue 12 Aug 2014 Margaret Dickinson. Yorkshire’s Ancient Secrets and Curiosities.
  No July CHAS meeting in the Library. See below for a local history outing.
Tue 08 Jul 2014 Neil Birtles. History walk around Rivington Village. meet at 7-30 pm Rivington (top) barn.
Tue 10 Jun 2014 Adam Cree. 'Susannah Knight' Chorley’s heroine who successfully campaigned to get recognition for local men who lost their lives in the First World War and also responsible for the Astley Hall Memorial Book.
Due to sickness Derrick Walkden will not be able to talk about Heraldic Glass in St John’s Minster, Preston.
Tue 13 May 2014 Gordon Meddlicott. Last Lighthouse Keeper
Tue 08 Apr 2014 David Hill. The Crystal Palace.
Tue 11 Mar 2014 Peter Watson. Dimensions of Time.
Fri 07 Mar 2014 Annual Dinner at the Seaview, Whittle-le-Woods
Tue 11 Feb 2014 Stephen Halliwell, Moses Holden 1777-1864. Astronomer and much, much more.
Tue 14 Jan 2014 Boyd Harris - People and Mountains of Inner Dolpo and Shey Gompa, Nepal. Plus early explorers of the Himalayas.
Tue 10 Dec 2013 Social evening with quiz.
Thu 28 Nov 2013 LIZZIE JONES - presenting Lady Ann Clifford, at Hollinshead Street Church. 7-30p.m. Tickets 01257 481006. £4 incl. refreshments.
Tue 12 Nov 2013 Julia Beeden - Quakers in the North West
Tue 08 Oct 2013 John Doughty - Folklore & Traditions in the North West
Sat 05 Oct 2013 Visit to Causeway Farmhouse and cruck-framed barn, Hoghton, Lancashire
This Is a joint visit for the Yorkshire Vernacular Buildings Study Group (YVBSG) and Chorley Historical Society to Hoghton.
Tue 24 Sep 2013 to
Sat 28 Sep
Heritage Fair at the Town Hall - Chorley Heritage Centre Event.10 a.m. Tues 24th Sept. to Sat. 28th Sept 2013. Town Hall Chorley. 'A HISTORY OF CHORLEY' Through the eyes of its long-standing businesses, societies and citizens. Daily talks and presentations. (free). Click here for a programme of events
Sat 14 Sep 2013 Heritage Open Day - CHORLEY UNITARIAN CHAPEL, Park St. will be open to visitors from 12 noon to 4-00pm Doreen will be available to talk about the history of the church.
Sun 15 Sep 2013 Heritage Open Day - Neil will be leading a walk around Rivington. Meeting at the Lower Barn 1-30 pm. parking on the road up to the top barn.
Tue 10 Sep 2013 AGM and Members' Reports - a review of the year's visits, outings and projects.
The minutes of last year's meeting (2012) can be seen by clicking here.
Sun 01 Sep 2013 to
Mon 02 Sep 2013
Society visit to London - Visiting Blenheim Palace on way and the Pompeii Exhibition the day after (Life and death, Pompeii and Herculaneum at the British Museum). 2 cancelations, due to sickness if anyone would like to join us please contact Christine Harrison on 01257 271257 for full details.
Tue 13 Aug 2013 Heather Davies - Lancashire Roman Tombstone/Silverdale Viking Hoard
Tue 09 Jul 2013 No meeting in July
Thu 11 Jul 2013 Society evening visit (7pm) to Turton Tower.
The Tower is on Chapeltown Road in Turton, has a car park and will be opened at 7pm. The tour should take about an hour, to an hour and a quarter. The building is a tower house, probably originating in the 15th century, and later owned by the Chetham and Kay families. The If you arrive 30 minutes early you could walk up to see one of the quasimedieval railway bridges with crenellated towers and arrowslits, built when James Kay owned Turton Tower and was a director of the railway company. Tour cost is £5.
Tue 11 Jun 2013 Dr & Mrs Yorke- Britain's 1st Lifeboat Station, Formby 1776-1918
Tue 14 May 2013 Ian Bagshaw - Celebrations in Chorley
Tue 09 Apr 2013 John Virgoe - Pre-Conquest Churches: History and Archaeology
Tue 12 Mar 2013 John Armstrong/Brenda Fox - Turnpike Roads and the work of the Milestone Society
Fri 08 Mar 2013 Annual Dinner at the Seaview, Whittle-le- Woods
Tue 12 Feb 2013 Steve Williams - Along the Line Through Brindle and Hoghton
Sat 26 Jan 2013 Whittle-le-Woods re-lives the Queens’s Jubilee and also dips in to the Whittle photo archive.
Whittle-le-Woods Village Hall, Union Street, Whittle-le-Woods, PR6 7LN
Saturday 26 Jan 2013 at 7:00pm.
All are welcome and the evening is free with donations on the door.
Light refreshments will be available during the interval.
Tue 08 Jan 2013 Boyd Harris - Three Centuries of Photography - illustrating how photographic images can be used to document and record history from the dawn of photography to the present day
Tue 11 Dec 2012 Social Evening - with quiz
Thu 29 Nov 2012 Lizzie Jones  - "The Battle of Wigan Lane" at Chorley Unitarian Chapel,
Park St. Chorley.  7-30 p.m. tickets £4 contact 01257 481006
Tue 13 Nov 2012 Dr Annemarie McAllister – Band of Hope, Children’s Temperance Movement
Tue 09 Oct 2012 Alan Davies – Pretoria Pit Disaster
Tue 11 Sep 2012 Annual General Meeting and member's reports, a review of the year's visits, outings and projects
Sat 08 Sep 2012 Chorley Unitarian Chapel, Park Street, Chorley, PR7 1ER.
A guided tour as part of the Heritage Open Days Weekend by our own Doreen Jolly.
Opening times 12noon to 4pm with the guided tour at 1pm
Tue 14 Aug 2012 Sylvia O’Malley – Lord Leverhulme
Sat 07 Jul 2012 Society coach trip to Wainhouse Tower, Halifax + Undercliffe Cemetery, Bradford.
Unfortunately this event has been cancelled due to insufficient numbers.
no meeting in July -- no meeting --
Tue 12 Jun 2012 Dr Alan Crosby – Preston Guild - a history of England's greatest carnival
Tue 08 May 2012 Linda Sawley – Elizabeth Parker of Browsholme Hall, Clitheroe
Tue 10 Apr 2012 Carole Banks – Haigh Hall and the People Who Lived There
Tue 13 Mar 2012 Gail Newsham – The Dick Kerr Ladies FC
Fri 09 Mar 2012 Annual Dinner at the Seaview, Whittle-le-Woods
Tue 14 Feb 2012 Dr William Shannon – Dispute Maps in Tudor Lancashire
Tue 10 Jan 2012 David Clayton – Lost Farms of Brinscall Moor
Tue 13 Dec 2011 Social Evening - with quiz
Thu 24 Nov 2011 Lizzie Jones returns to Astley Hall to present 'Mary Queen of Scots'
Tue 08 Nov 2011 Kevin Illingworth - Vernacular Buildings in North West England
Tue 11 Oct 2011 David Moss - 'It's Best by Bus' Ribble Vehicle Preservation Trust - Ribble Motor Services Remembered
Sat 01 Oct 2011 Take Two: The Worden Hoard & the Cuerdale Hoard - 11am South Ribble Museum & Exhibition Centre in Leyland (The old Grammar School, Church Road , Leyland, Lancashire , PR25 3FJ)
Sat 17 Sep 2011 Historical tour of Chorley Unitarian Chapel by Doreen. Meet at the Chapel at 2pm.
Tue 13 Sep 2011 Annual General Meeting and Members reports - a review of the year's visits, outings and projects
Sat 10 Sep 2011 Chorley Heritage Day
Want to learn more about the history of Chorley Cemetery ????, the people who created it? the connection to the famous Undercliffe Cemetery in Bradford and a friend of Florence Nightingale?
Join our tour of the graves, vaults and memorials to many of Chorley’s 19th century leaders from the fields of politics, law and local government, industry, the church and medicine. Their stories will be briefly told…..and the occasional scandal uncovered! Meet outside the Lodge at 1.30pm on Saturday 10th September. (Park across Southport Road, outside Parklands High School.) Click here for an illustrated leaflet.
Sun 21 Aug 2011

Field Walk - Black Brook and  Cowling. The walk will start at 1.30. The meeting place will be on the old Canal bridge
(SD 595 174) on Crosse Hall Lane. Turn off Eaves Lane at the Shepherd’s Arms. Parking is on the left hand side of new road, (Haworth Road) adjacent to St. James’s School playing fields.
The walk of about 3 miles will follow a figure of eight route for approximately 2.5 hours, and will be mainly on paths. Sensible walking shoes are advisable. The walk will not be peaceful or especially scenic but will be looking at an area that has been of importance at different periods in the history of Healey.....and its neighbour, Chorley. Contact John Harrison ( or 01257 271257) if you need further information.

Tue 12 Jul 2011 No meeting in July
Tue 09 Aug 2011 Keith Gledhill - The Difference between the Shrievalty (High Sheriff Association) and the
Lieutenancy of Lancashire - What's the difference?
Thu 07 Jul 2011 Evening visit to Browsholme Hall nr Clitheroe. 6:30pm at the hall.
Tue 14 Jun 2011 Sid Calderbank - Lancashire Cotton Famine
Sun 22 May 2011 Field Walk - Croston. Meet at Croston Railway Stn car park 1:30pm
Tue 10 May 2011 Ian Saunders - History of Maps in North West England
Tue 12 Apr 2011 Irene Owen - Duxbury and the Standish Family
Fri 11 Mar 2011 Annual Dinner at the Seaview, Whittle-le-Woods
Tue 08 Mar 2011 Mike Emery, Andrea Kenyon and David Cole - So you want to be a Magistrate?
Tue 08 Feb 2011 Steve Williams,  'The Chorley Pals' Memorial - more than just a statue'
Tue 11 Jan 2011 Boyd Harris - The Social History of Withnell Fold, a Lancashire Village and Paper Mill (1843 to present)
Including new information since the 11 Nov 2003 presentation.
Tue 14 Dec 2010 Christmas Social
Thu 02 Dec 2010 Lizzie Jones returns to Astley Hall to present MRS. CROMWELL. All tickets sold out.
Tue 09 Nov 2010 Peter Iles, Lancashire County Archaeology Services – Roman Settlement at Walton-le-Dale
Tue 12 Oct 2009 Charles Crosbie – Rufford Old Hall and the Hesketh Family
Tue 14 Sep 2010 Annual General Meeting and Members reports - a review of the year's visits, outings and projects.
Tue 10 Aug 2010 Charles Singleton – Civil War in Lancashire
No meeting in July No meeting in July
Tue 20 Jul 2010 Members and guests of the society are welcome to join us on an evening visit to Bank Hall, Bretherton on Tuesday 20 July, 2010. We will be the guests of Bank Hall Action Group. Make your own way to Bank Hall and be there for 7.30pm. There is no charge.
Tue 08 Jun 2010 John Trippier – Prehistoric Archaeology of the West Pennines
Tue 11 May 2010 Janet Edwards, Bank Hall Action Group – Bank Hall and the Banastre Family.
Sat/Sun 8/9 May 2010 Mike Berry - New Lanark World Heritage Site week-end.
A couple of places remaining. Contact Mike 01257 263051
Sun 18 Apr 2010 Geoff Bellis - Yarrow Valley Park walk . Meet at the information centre Y.V.P. 1-30 pm
Tue 13 Apr 2010 David Brazendale – Life and Times of Benjamin Shaw – A First Generation Cotton Operative
Tue 09 Mar 2010 Donna Hughes - 'The Life and Times of Samuel Crompton'
Fri 05 Mar 2010 Annual Dinner at the Seaview, Whittle-le-Woods.
Tue 09 Feb 2010 Nigel Neil - From Round Houses to Re-Mount Depots - 7,000 years at Lathom
Tue 12 Jan 2010 John Virgoe - Basil Thomas Eccleston (c1712 - 1789) of Eccleston, Eighteenth Century Squire Farmer and Diarist.
Tonight's speaker, Donna Hughes, has cancelled due to the snow. An alternative speaker has been found.
Donna Hughes
– Life and Times of Samuel Crompton
Tue 08 Dec 2009 Social evening with quiz
Thu 26 Nov 2009 Lizzie Jones – returns to Astley Hall to present Ann Hathaway
Tue 10 Nov 2009 Malcolm Tranter on 'GARDENS OF THE NORTH WEST'  (amendment to original programme)
Tue 13 Oct 2009 Mr P Watson – North Country Folklore
Sun 13 Sep 2009 Heritage Open Day - CHAS walk, Bretherton, Pompian Brow (PR26 9AQ), near junct with South Road 1pm.  Lancashire events list here.   Location map here.
Tue 08 Sep 2009 AGM and Members’ Reports – a review of the year’s visits, outings and projects
Tue 11 Aug 2009 Keith Gledhill – A Year in the life of the High Sheriff of Lancashire
Sat 01 Aug 2009 Family History Day - Astley Hall, Chorley. 11-00 am to 4-00 pm
July – No meeting July – No meeting
Sat 11 Jul 2009 Manchester Ship canal visit. See Joan for full details. (£45) More info on canal here
Sun 21 Jun 2009 Tockholes Field Walk (by John Harrison) - meet Roddlesworth Information Centre,
Tockholes Rd, Tockholes   at 1:30pm   Click here for more info
Tue 09 Jun 2009 Alan Davies – Women and Children in Mines
Tue 12 May 2009 Brian Marshall – illustrated talk on Monastery Churches of England
Sat 25 Apr 2009 Visit to Blackburn Museum to see the Tockholes hoard of silver pennies. 11:15am at Museum
Note: 124 bus leaves Chorley 10:15am arr. Blackburn Boulevard 11:01am
Tue 14 Apr 2009 Ben Edwards – Vikings in North West England
Tue 10 Mar 2009 Steve Williams - 'The railway from Cherry Tree to Chorley' illustrated talk
Fri 06 Mar 2009 Annual Dinner at the Seaview, Whittle-le-Woods
Tue 10 Feb 2009 Malcolm Tranter - 'The Voyages of Ernest Shackleton' - illustrated talk
Tue 13 Jan 2009 Donna A Hughes - 'The History of Hand Spinning' - talk and demonstration
Tue 09 Dec 2008 Christmas meeting - social event, buffet and hopefully a quiz.
Thu 27 Nov 2008 Lizzie Jones at Astley Hall (tickets only) presenting 'The Conspiring Countess' 7:45pm  £3.50
Tue 11 Nov 2008 Mike Clarke makes a welcome return to Chorley to present 'Lancashire's Earliest Canals'
Tue 14 Oct 2008 Dot Bruns of the The Portable Antiquities Scheme gives an illustrated talk on coins through the centuries that have been found in Lancashire & Cumbria. Plus an update on the cataloguing of the John Winstanley flints.
Sat 13 Sep 2008 Heritage Open Day - Conducted tour of Chorley Town Hall. Two guided tours, 1pm and 2:30pm
Tue 09 Sep 2008 Annual General Meeting and Members Reports. Plus a slide show of outings and visits through the year.
Sun 31 Aug 2008 Local field walk. - Botany and Limbrick. 1:30pm meeting place Motorway bridge area, Botany, Botany Brow.
Tue 12 Aug 2008 Darren Cranshaw - The Brindle Estate and the Cavendish Family.
Sat 02 Aug 2008 Lancashire Family History and Heraldry Society at Astley Hall. 11am - 4:30pm CHAS propose to have a stand there.
Sun 27 Jul 2008 Tour of Stonyhurst College. 1-45 pm. for 2-00 pm tour
Tue 08 Jul 2008 No Meeting.
Sun 29 Jun 2008 Local field walk. - Please note, this walk has been cancelled. If anyone wants to volunteer to run a walk please contact the Secretary.
Tue 10 Jun 2008 Glen Atkinson - 'Digging the Big Ditch' A lantern slide presentation of the construction of the 36 mile Manchester Ship canal which opened in 1894.
Sun 18 May 2008 Local field walk. - The Street to Lead Mines Clough. 1:30pm meet embankment near the Yew Tree.
Tue 13 May 2008 Barry Lowe - Remembering the Chorley you thought you knew.
Sun 27 Apr 2008 Coach outing to Port Sunlight. - Conducted tour & lunch etc. Coach pick up outside Chorley Railway Station, time to be arranged.
Tue 08 Apr 2008 Joan Langford - Farington Cotton Mill.
Sun 30 Mar 2008 Local field walk. - White Coppice/Heapey low level. 1:30pm meet White Coppice Cricket ground.
Tue 11 Mar 2008 Steve Barritt with an illustrated talk on the old Tram-road on the Lancaster canal, connecting Walton Summit with Preston
Fri 07 Mar 2008 Annual Dinner at the Seaview, Whittle-le-Woods.
Sat 01 Mar 2008 At home with Chorley Historical and Archaeological Society - South Ribble Museum,
11am - 1pm, The Old Grammar School, Church Rd, Leyland. PR25 3FJ
Tue 12 Feb 2008 Steve Williams of Brindle Historical Society gives an illustrated talk on "The Chorley Pals remembered 1914-1919"
Tue 08 Jan 2008 Dot Waring will give an illustrated talk on the excavations at Dilston Castle in Northumberland and its connections with the
Radcliffe family, who had strong ties with Lancashire
Tue 11 Dec 2007 Chrismas Quiz + buffet
Sun 09 Dec 2007
Event postponed
Searching for the Roman Road (Geophys.). Bill Aldridge + members of Wigan Archaeological Society
at Coppull Moor Ln / Hic Bibby, Coppull. 10am. nearest postcode is PR7 5JB 50m east of the site.
Please note:
Due to a recent land ownership change we have had to postpone the search due to not being able to get land access permission.
Thu 29 Nov 2007 Lizzie Jones - Returns to present "the Lancashire witches" Venue Astley Hall 7-45 p.m  £3
Tue 13 Nov 2007 Ed Fisher - An Illustrated 'virtual' tour' of St Laurence, the Parish Church of Chorley, including many people associated with it's long history.
Tue 09 Oct 2007 Dot Bruns of the 'The Portable Antiquities Scheme' - An illustrated presentation on 'The Portable Antiquities Scheme' a system of recording objects collected by members of the public.
Tue 11 Sep 2007 Annual General Meeting and Members Reports. Plus a slide show of outings and visits through the year.
Sun 09 Sep 2007 Chorley Town Centre Heritage Trail - official opening. Meet on the 'Flat Iron' Union St., 12:30pm for the guided tour.
Sat 08 Sep 2007 Heritage Open Day - Conducted tour of Chorley Cemetery. Start at the entrance gate 1:30pm
Sun 19 Aug 2007 Local field walk. - The lost Industries of Birkacre and the Yarrow Valley. 1:30pm meet Yarrow Valley Visitors centre. (location map)
Tue 14 Aug 2007 Stephen Sartin - Recent Acquisitions of the Judges' Lodgings Museum, Lancaster.
Sat 04 Aug 2007 Lancashire Family History and Heraldry Society exhibition, Astley Hall, Chorley. 11.00 am - 4.00 pm
Tue 10 Jul 2007 No Meeting.
Sun 24 Jun 2007 Local field walk. - Euxton and Pincock. 1:30pm meet Pincock Brow off Wigan Rd. Euxton (A49) (location map)
Tue 12 Jun 2007 Derek Forrest - A Roman Soldier in Lancashire.
Sun 20 May 2007 Local field walk. - Anglezarke Reservoir area. 1:30pm meet Knowsley Ln embankment nr Yew Tree Inn (location map)
Tue 08 May 2007 Rachel Newman - Director, Oxford Archaeology North. - Recent work including a Viking burial ground in Cumbria.
Sun 29 Apr 2007 Shap Abbey outing. - (mini-bus) Conducted tour of Shap Abbey, Cumbria then Brougham Castle, Penrith. Meet 10am Chorley Rly. Station lay-bye.
Tue 10 Apr 2007 Brian Marshall - Lancashire Medieval Monasteries, including Cockersand (Lancs) and Shap Abbey (not Lancs.) (see Sun 29 Apr 07)
Sun 25 Mar 2007 Local field walk. - White Coppice and Stronstrey Bank. 1:30pm meet at White Coppice Cricket Field. (photos + report)
Tue 13 Mar 2007 Ian Miller, Oxford Archaeology - Lancaster. Manchester's 19th century glass industry
Fri 09 Mar 2007 Annual Dinner at the Seaview, Whittle-le-Woods.
Tue 13 Feb 2007

Dot Waring - Digging for the Romans - excavations on the Roman Road at Darwen.

Tue 09 Jan 2007 Dr Alan Crosby - The faith of our fathers: religion and Lancashire history 1500 to 1900
Tue 12 Dec 2006 Local Quiz and Social Evening.
Wed 06 Dec 2006 Lizzie Jones returns to Chorley with Astley Hall as the venue 7:45pm (ticket only) - presenting The Winter Queen. Tickets 3pounds.
Tue 14 Nov 2006 Harry Yeadon, former Lancs. County Council  County Surveyor. Development of the Motorways in Chorley and Lancashire.
Tue 10 Oct 2006 David Ratledge - The Roman Roads of Lancashire.
Tue 12 Sep 2006 Annual General Meeting and Members Reports
Sun 27 Aug 2006 Local Field Walk - Heath Charnock 1:30pm meet lay-bye A6 Westhoughton Rd., 200m north of Rawlinson Ln. (photos)
Sun 13 Aug 2006 Chorley Parish Church of St Laurence 10am service. Review of  new Church inventory.
Sun 13 Aug 2006 Vindolanda & Hadrian's Wall. Trip run by Wigan Archaeological Society, we can go as guests. (photos)
Tue 08 Aug 2006 Ben Edwards, former Lancashire County Archaeologist - The Cuerdale Hoard, an enormous Viking cache of 8000 silver coins and bullion.
Sun 30 Jul 2006 Outing to Foulridge, Leeds & Liverpool Canal. 11am Barge trip through tunnel etc inc. Pie & Peas (veg option). £9.50each. Own transport. (photos)
Tue 11 Jul 2006 No Meeting
Sun 18 Jun 2006 (photos) Local Field Walk - 1:30pm Hoghton Bottoms from Riley Green, meet Royal Oak car park (location map)
Tue 13 Jun 2006 Aidan Turner-Bishop - Drink and the Great Temperance Cause. (The presentation also covers aspects of food and drink over the centuries)
Sun 14 May 2006 (photos) Local Field Walk - 1:30pm Clayton-le-Woods, Clayton Green, Cuerden. Meet Community Centre, Spring Meadow off Lancaster Lane, C-le-W. loc. map.
Tue 09 May 2006 Stephen Sartin. Recent Acquisitions of the Judges' Lodgings Museum, Lancaster.
Sun 23 Apr 2006 (photos) Local Field Walk - Adlington / Anderton. Meet 1:30pm 'Elephant & Castle' Chorley Rd (A673) Adlington. (location map)
Tue 11 Apr 2006 Barry Lowe - An interesting view of historical aspects of Chorley.
Thu 30 Mar 2006 (photos) Society visit to The Mayor in the Mayor's Parlour, Chorley Town Hall  7pm. Numbers are limited so book early.
Sun 26 Mar 2006 (photo) Local Field Walk - Withnell Fold + Ollerton Fold + Leeds & Liverpool Canal. Meet at Withnell Fold Chapel 1:30pm(click for location map)
Tue 14 Mar 2006 John Harrison - The Chorley Elite and the running of the town 1780 - 1800
Fri 10 Mar 2006 (photo) Annual Dinner at the Seaview, Whittle-le-Woods.
Tue 14 Feb 2006 History of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal by Mike Clarke.
Mike is the author of the definitive history book on the canal. Not to be missed.
Tue 10 Jan 2006 Roman Roads and settlements of Wigan by Bill Aldridge of Wigan Historical Society. 
Tue 13 Dec 2005 Local Quiz and Social Evening.
Tue 08 Nov 2005 'Some Local Vernacular Buildings' J. Smith.
Sun 23 Oct 2005 (photos) Field Outing (minibus) Norton Priory. meet 10:30 Rly Station lay-bye.
Thu 20 Oct 2005 Astley Hall Chorley the Society official book launch of 'Romans to Roundabouts'
Tue 11 Oct 2005 'Tide Mills in England and Wales'  by John Virgo from Parbold.
Sun 18 Sep 2005 (photos) Local Field Walk 'Heath Charnock' Meet at Weaver's Brow, Chorley, 13:30(click for location)
Tue 13 Sep 2005 Annual General Meeting and Members Reports.
Sat 10 Sep 2005 (photos) Croston History trail lead by Neil Birtles. meet 1:30pm on the Village green Croston. (location map)
A Heritage Open Day event. (Click her for all Lancashire events)
Tue 09 Aug 2005 'Some interesting Tower Clocks' S. Whillis.
Sat 06 Aug 2005 Social history of Withnell Fold guided walk. Book via Lancashire County Archaeology Service.
Lynda Sutton on 01772-533404
Sun 26 Jun 2005 Annual Coach trip to York using public coach.
Sun 19 Jun 2005 (photos) Local Field Walk 'Anglezarke and Lead Mines Clough' 1:30pm start
Tue 14 Jun 2005 'What the Workhouse did for us' M. Ramsbottom.
Sun 15 May 2005 Local Field Walk 'The Great Hill of Charnock'
Tue 10 May 2005 The scheduled talk was cancelled so Jack Smith gave a talk.
Sun 17 Apr 2005 Local Field Walk - Worthington and Haigh.
Tue 12 Apr 2005 'North Country Folklore' Dr P. Watson.
Sun 27 Mar 2005 Field Outing (cars). Horwich - Wilderswood.
Thu 17 Mar 2005 (photo) Visit to the North West Film Archive, Manchester. 10:30am at the Archive.
Sat 12 Mar 2005 (photos) Blackburn Museum conducted tour inc. Jessica Lofthouse exhibition. 10:00am start.
Fri 11 Mar 2005 (photo) Society Annual Dinner
Tue 08 Mar 2005 '15th Century Bruges, it's art and politics' S. Sartin
Tue 08 Feb 2005 'Recent Excavations in Egypt' Dr S. Snape
Tue 11 Jan 2005 'Lancashire Textiles - Conservation Issues' Peter Iles.
Tue 14 Dec 2004 'Artefacts and Collectables Miscellany' Followed by a Social Evening.
Wed 10 Nov 2004 Lizzie Jones presents "I AM ENGLAND" the life and times of Elizabeth I
St Laurence's Church Hall, Union St. Chorley. 8:00pm £3 inc refreshments, tickets 01257-481006
Tue 09 Nov 2004 A research paper on 'Local Roman Period Associations' will be presented by J. Smith the society secretary, then discussion.
Tue 12 Oct 2004 'Fourty Years of Lancashire Archaeology'  B. Edwards.
Tue 14 Sep 2004 50th Annual General Meeting and Member's Reports
10 to 13 Sept 2004 HERITAGE OPEN DAYS (click here for full details)
all of Aug 2004 Chorley Library. Golden Jubilee exhibition. 50 years of Chorley Historical and Archaeological Society.
<- click on the image for a larger version
Sun 22 Aug 2004
Field Walk, Walton-le-Dale and Canal Tramway. Meet 13:30 W-le-D, Walton Green.
Tue 10 Aug 2004 'Strong man Egyptology'  J.Johnson
<- click on the image for a larger version
Sun 27 Jun 2004 Coach trip Derbyshire Sites: Cromford Mill complex and Arbour Lowe
<- click on the image for a larger version
Sun 13 Jun 2004

Field Walk Horwich Moor. Meet 13:30 Georges Lane end. We explored the jistory of the Matchmoor Lane area and then up to the moors and the site on an old Kiln at Hole Bottom, just by the Winter Hill mast access road. Then up to the Two Lads cairn.
Tue 08 Jun 2004 The Work of the North West Sound Archives. A. Schofield.
<- click on the image for a larger version
Sun 16 May 2004
Field Walk - Adlington / Anderton area. Meet 13:30 Lower Adlington.
Tue 11 May 2004 Flint tools to Factories in the Chorley area - Mr J Smith (Society Secretary)
Sun 18 Apr 2004 Field Walk - Tarleton / Hesketh Bank. Meet 13:30 Tarleton Library
Tue 13 Apr 2004 Iron Age and Roman Fort at Lathom - Dr R Cowell
<- click on the image for a larger version
Thu 25 Mar 2004
Annual Dinner at the 'Seaview' Whittle-le-Woods.
<- click on the image for a larger version
Sun 14 Mar 2004
Field Walk - Wheelton Moor (Mear Stones) Meet 13:30 Brinscall Baths. Good walking boots needed. A wet morning cleared and we had clear but windy weather for our walk. 14 of us walked up through the woods, stopping at the various ruined farmhouses to remember the people who lived there. Previous reference to the 1881 census gave us their names and occupations. The 2 remaining mear stones (boundary stones) were seen and possible explananations discussed as to who made them.
Tue 09 Mar 2004 Prehistoric to Industrial Period. Work by (UMAU) University of Manchester Archaeological Unit. Dr M Nevell
Tue 10 Feb 2004 Prehistoric Stone Circles and Standing Stones Mr S. Hewitt
Tue 13 Jan 2004 Lecture - reconstructing the past Mr Peter McCrone
Tue 09 Dec 2003 Social Evening.
Tue 11 Nov 2003 Withnell Fold Village, Social History & Development - B Harris
Tue 14 Oct 2003 Pre-Industrial Landscape of the Ribble Valley - Dr B. Barnes
Sun 21 Sep 2003 Local Field Walk: Anglezarke Moor.
Sun 14 Sep 2003 Heritage Open Day: Social History of Withnell Fold. Meet at Methodist Chapel 2pm.
Over 60 people turned up for the history talk and walking tour of the village. A beautifull warm and sunny day helped make this a great afternoon.
Sat 13 Sep 2003 Heritage Open Day: Conducted tour of a Coppull Mill by Jack Smith.
I wasn't able to attend this tour due to family commitments but I believe it was well attended and enjoyed by all. BH.
Tue 09 Sep 2003 Annual General Meeting & Project Reports.
Sun 17 Aug 2003 Field Outing:Lathom Chapel & Hall Site.

Sun 29 June 2003 Another warm and sunny day for the Society's outing to Manchester, Castlefield Roman Fort and the various museums nearby.
<- click on the image for a larger version.
Sun 13 Apr 2003
A warm sunny day for our excellent walk along part of the length on the Lancaster Canal through Whittle-le-Woods. Jack Smith provided the commentary. The group is posing by the Whittle millstones monument.
Tue  8 Apr 2003 'Mills, Men & Machines' - R Murphy
Fri 21 Mar 2003 Society Annual Dinner (Sea View)
<- click on the image for a larger version.
Sun 16 Mar 03
. We were very lucky with having a warm sunny day for our historical field walk in the Anderton area. Jack Smith outlined previous work done on the possible routes of Roman Roads in the area and pointed out where they may have passed through local scenery.
Tue 11 Mar 2003 Members' Slides and Society outings Miscellany
Tue 11 Feb 2003 'A Walk around Pendle' - N Whally
Tue 14 Jan 2003 'Law & Order in Lancashire' - Dr A. Crosby
Tue 10 Dec 2002 Members reports and social evening.
Tue 12 Nov 2002 The Pre-Industrial landscape of the Ribble Valley - part 2 by Dr B Barnes (cancelled)
Replaced with an excellent talk by Jack Smith on the history of local railways.
Tue 08 Oct Vikings in the North West by Mr B Edwards, former County Archaeologist
Sat 14 Sep 02. Warm sunshine and clear skies greeted the group of visitors to the Cuerden Hall and Gardens conducted tour. A great afternoon out
Tue 10 Sep 2002 AGM and Members collectables