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Tue 08 Feb 2022
Brief History of Liverpool & Its Humour. - Stuart McNulty

Stuart's first part, of a two-part talk, covered the timeline of Liverpool's history from the 13th century to the present day. It did not warrant a mention in the Doomsday Book and, for hundreds of years, it grew only very slowly as a small port by the banks of the Mersey.
By the 17th and 18th centuries, due to Britain's growing American and West Indies trade, that included, slaves, sugar, cotton, tobacco, and its position on the west coast, it overtook established ports like Bristol and Lancaster.

Stuart McNulty 
The construction of a radical dock system that allowed for much larger vessels to dock and move within it, without entering the river, helped Liverpool in becoming a major world port.
This was just one of many aspects that Stuart mentioned, not just shipping related, but also in construction, railways, the diverse mix of its people and their accents, that make Liverpool the distinctive city it is today..
The second part of the talk took a radical turn as Stuart concentrated on the 'dry' style of humour that, he said, is distictive to the city, in part moulded by the diverse mix of its population. He then, in his Scouse lilt, delivered a stream of anecdotes and jokes, that raised giggles and laughter from the audience.
A rather different, but no less interesting and entertaining talk, to brighten up a February evening.

Meeting Room, Primrose Gardens, Fleet Street, Chorley. PR7 2EE

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