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Tue 08th Nov 2022
Prof Paul Salveson on Forgotten Railways of Lancashire.
Paul is a visiting Professor at the Universities of Bolton and Huddersfield and has a lifetime experience of the railway network. He is also the author of several books. During his early years as a teenager he would take his own photographs of the end of the steam age and he used many of these during the presentation.

Paul Salveson with some of his books.

Some of Paul's books.

Last Train from Horwich.
The Liverpool and Manchester Railway opened in 1830 and is generally considered the first railroad in Lancashire. However, Paul told us of the Bolton and Leigh Railway that opened for goods in Aug 1828. By 1831 it began carrying passengers and eventually closed in 1965.
In 1869 the Chorley to Cherry Tree and Blackburn line opened. The climb out of Chorley to Brinscall was described as ‘Going over the Alps’ by the railwaymen. Some of the line through Brinscall and Abbey Village has now been converted to a footpath. There used to be a Heapey Branch near White Coppice that serviced the large Heapey Bleach Works (Witters). It was called the Heapey Works Siding and closed in 1953. The through route closed to passengers in Jan 1960 and to goods in 1966. The 9 arch viaduct carrying it over the Leeds & Liverpool Canal at Botany was blown up in 1968 to clear the way for the M61 motorway.

'Club' train Dicconson Lane.
Many industrialists whose mills were in Manchester or Bradford would frequently have their main houses by the sea in Southport, Blackpool or Morecambe. Some services would have a special luxury carriage for those who could afford to pay the fare. These were known as the ‘Club’ Trains.
Paul's presentation illustrated a railway network that was vital to the Industrial Development of the area and although most of the lines have vanished their importance should be remembered.

Balshaw Lane.

Hoghton Station.
L to R: 2 men one called Smith and lived at Mintholme Crossing, no 3 Station Master John Harrison in hat, no 4 Jim Lawrenson.
Thanks to Steve Williams for the names.

Botany Viaduct on the Chorley - Blackburn line.

Botany Viaduct on the Chorley - Blackburn line. Demolition 1968.

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