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Boyd Harris A Photographic Journey through History.
Tue 09th Jan 2024

This presentation was modified from one I gave to Chorley Photographic Society when I described my use of my hobby of photography in recording and illustrating historical subjects. Photographic outings from 1972 are now recordings of historical events over 50 years on. It is also a good way of illustrating the work of other photographers and people who have made huge contributions to the community and are now long forgotten.

Local photographer
Edward Hodkinson (1894 - 1975)

Edward at the wheel of the landlord's car outside the Red Lion, Wheelton c1912

Edward's photo of Wedding Group 30th Sep 1922.
George Brindle (groom), Alice Turner (bride).

Edward's MCC wooden field camera half plate 6.5*4.25in. made by Midland Camera Co Ltd of Birmingham. Bought new for Edward's 17th birthday in 1911.
The company made cameras from 1896 to 1912.

Site of the Brindle Workhouse.
(1745 - 1871)

The site with Workhouse
superimposed in 1848

Chorley's 2nd bus station opened in 1965.

Today the site is Booths.

Chorley Photographic Society photo outing on 7th May 1973 to Lancashire Knitting, Adlington.Lesley Booth and Eunice Valentine.

Chorley Library 1899.
Funded by Herbert Thomas Parke (1859-1917) of Withnell Fold.

The site is now Library House Surgery.

Instument panel at Stalybridge Water Treatment works 1912.

The panel has been preserved.

Excavations at the site of  Lower Kem Mill Bleaching & print works 2002.

Site of the Lancashire boiler.

Various bottles.

Earthenware bottles.

Clay pipe.
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