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John E. Harrison Co-operation in Chorley, a False Dawn 1830 to 1880.
Tue 14th May 2024
John began his presentation by asking anyone if they remembered their divi number?
It is generally considered that Robert Owen (17711858) is the father of the cooperative movement. He made his money in the cotton trade and built the cotton mills of New Lanark, Scotland. As the name Co-operation suggests it is a system of pooling efforts and finances to set up a trading system where the customer is part of the management.

John Harrison.

The Co-op divi was a form of getting something back from the group based on how much you bought. Various systems were set up and some thrived while others failed.
The Rochdale pioneers of 1844 are considered to be the most famous but in 1827 the Birkacre, Chorley Co-operative was the first in Lancashire. However it failed in 1833.

Robert Owen (17711858).

By 1851 there were 6 Co-operatives in the Preston area yet none in Blackburn.
The Chorley Pilot Industrial Co-operative Society was established in 1861 and expanded rapidly with 36 members in 1861 to over 1000 by 1871.

Chorley Pilot Industrial Co-operative Society
New Market St Chorley.
A huge thanks to John for a thorough and well researched presentation.
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