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Tue 02 Apr 2024
Stuart Whalley (July 1933 - Mar 2024)
Family and friends gathered at Pleasington Crematorium this afternoon to say our final farewell to Stuart Whalley (1934-2024) of Abbey Village. Stuart was a farmer and in his younger days also ran some shops at the same time. He was also one of the longest serving members of Chorley Historical Society
Stuart's first home was Marl Pits Farm in Wheelton but when Stuart was one, the family moved to Roddlesworth Farm in Withnell.
He attended Abbey Village School but his school reports were not good. After one report Stuart’s father was required to write a comment. He wrote ‘Poor bugger!’
Stuart met Irene, his future wife, at a local dance. After they were married they moved to a farm at Donnington Park in Derbyshire, where Stuart worked as the farm manager. He didn’t stay long and returned to Lower Roddlesworth Farm.
In addition to farming he bought his first greengrocer shop in Blackburn, selling fruit, veg and fresh fish.
Every morning Stuart would get up to tend to the farm before going off to the wholesale market in Blackburn for 5.30am to pick up the fruit and veg, then to Blackburn railway station to buy the fish, which had just arrived fresh off the train.
He also became a keen metal detectorist and was a member of Chorley Archaeological Society and enjoyed going out and about in his local area with his metal detector.
While out detecting with his friend Richard Forkasiewicz in 1971 they found a hoard of 59 silver coins which became known as the Tockholes Hoard. They reported the find and after a spell in the British Museum they eventually found their way back to Blackburn Museum, where some are on display.
When Stuart found the coins there were also fragments of a pot and it is thought that the hoard was originally buried in this vessel around 1223. The coins are from the reign of Richard I, John, Henry III and William the Lion of Scotland.

Pleasington Crematorium

Stuart's final journey.

Afterwards at the Royal Arms, Tockholes.

Stuart Whalley.

Stuart Whalley.

Stuart Whalley & Richard Forkasiewicz with the Tockholes Hoard in Blackburn Museum.

The Tockholes Hoard

Stuart with members of Chorley Archaeological Society in Bamber bridge excavating a section of the old tramway track between Walton Summit and Preston.

One of Stuart's finds from the Tockholes Hoard. A Henry III silver penny c1250.
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