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Jan 2023
Boyd Harris ‘General Historical Projects & Updates.
Tue 10th Jan 2023.

I usually show some images from historical projects that I’ve been involved with during the year at the CHAS AGM. However, there isn't usually enough time to talk in detail so this evening (Tue 10th Jan 2023) I had more time.

The bath used as a horse trough at Hutton.

The bath now in the Police Museum.
I gave some updates on the 1935 Buck Ruxton murder case and the bath that he used to cut up the bodies of his wife and housemaid. For many decades it was used as a horsetrough at the Police HQ Hutton near Preston. It has now been moved to the new Police Museum in Lancaster Castle.

1935 Buck Ruxton case.

I thought it would be useful to remember the good works done by one of our Victorian Entrepreneurs. Herbert Thomas Parke (1859-1917) of Withnell Fold. He owned & managed Withnell Fold Paper Mill. He built a dedicated Reading Room building in 1890 for his workers. He also built Brinscall Baths in 1911 and also Chorley’s first Public Library opened in 1899.

Herbert Thomas Parke (1859-1917)

Chorley Public Library.

The site is now Library House Surgery.


Thu 05th Jan 2023

This afternoon I attended a presentation at the Lancashire Archives Preston by Olivia O’Connel and Sarah McHue of Lancashire County Council. The subject was how to Crowdfund projects. Help is available for groups with a worthy project and LCC will match fund to help out.
Boyd Harris



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