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David Lloyd– Historic Bolton - Churchgate and Deansgate part 2
Tue 14 Nov 2023
Following on from two previous visits to CHAS David made a very welcome return to share more of his researches and photos of historic Bolton. This evening’s presentation covered the Churchgate and Deansgate area. Many of the shop frontages had their origins over 200 years ago and David’s photos showed the changes. Many towns and cities including Bolton used to issue their own banknotes. Merchants would get together and set up their own banks. But their notes could only be used locally, so when many of these provincial banks went bust their notes became worthless. Bolton Bank was founded in 1818 by local business-men Hardcastle, Cross, Ormrod, Barlow and Rushton whose names appear on the surviving note.
David Lloyd.

Fustians Warehouse 1838? - 2014.

Deansgate, Bolton. The central figures are there to manually change the Tram points.

Spa Rd then.

Spa Road now.
While many provincial banks went bust, Bolton Bank survived all the economic crises and flourished and survived for 60 years, from 1818 until 1878, when it was taken over by the Manchester and Salford Bank. It became Williams Deacons and Manchester and Salford Bank Ltd in 1890, and eventually became part of the Royal Bank of Scotland in 1985.

Sample Bolton Bank note.

Soviet map of Bolton.
David showed us a map of Bolton extracted from the ‘Red Atlas’ and was compiled by the Soviets between the 1950s to 1990s. They were part of the Cold War conflicts and give a detailed view of the world through the eyes of Soviet strategists and spies.
This was a fascinating evening of little known historical facts.
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