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Dr Paul Salveson – Lancashire - Airbrushed out of History.
Tue 14th Feb 2023

Dr Paul Salveson made a very welcome return to CHAS (last presentation Tue 08th Nov 2022 The Forgotten Railways of Lancashire.) to give his new talk about Lancashire. In 1182 Lancashire was first termed 'the county of Lancashire' under King Henry II but the meaning of Lancashire has changed over the centuries. The most significant was the Redcliffe-Maud Report published in 1969 by the Royal Commission on Local Government.

Dr Paul Salveson

The report recommended the abolition of all existing county, county borough, borough, urban district and rural district councils, which had been created at the end of the 19th century, and replacing them with new unitary authorities. Generally the areas of Liverpool, Manchester and Lancasire north of the Morecambe Bay sands were lost. However the ancient Duchy of Lancaster still exists and includes many old boundaries.

Lancasahire as it was.

1 City of Lancaster
2 Wyre
3 Blackpool
4 Fylde
5 City of Preston
6 Ribble Valley
7 South Ribble
8 Hyndburn
9 Burnley
10 Pendle
11 West Lancashire
12 Chorley
13 Blackburn with Darwen
14 Rossendale

Lancasahire now.
Historically the county was part of the huge increase of the industrial revolution in the 19th century that created much of England's wealth and influence. The saying was “What Lancashire thinks today the world thinks tomorrow.”
The rise of the Co-operative Society began in Lancashire and the Russian Tsar employed Lancashire experts in the 19th century to aid the rapid expansion of Russia's industries.
At the end of the 19th century almost 80% of the cotton industries workforce in this country were concentrated in Lancashire.

Some of Paul's publications.

Paul is a prolific writer of books and is currently working on another - Lancastrians, Mills, Mines & Minarets.

Some of Paul's previous publications are:
The Settle-Carlisle Railway, Railpolitik, Lancastrians, , Socialism with a Northern Accent, Out of the Sidings, New Futures for Rural Rail: The Full Report, The Works 2020, Increasing Patronage on the Leeds-Settle-Carlisle Line, Will Yo Come o'Sunday Mornin'? : 1896 Battle for Winter Hill, What Use are Rural Railways?, Loving Comrades : Lancashire's Links to Walt Whitman, Last Train from Blackstock Junction - and other railway stories.

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