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Louise Wade - Not Just the 3 Rís
Tue 08 Aug 2023
Louiseís presentation covered over 200 years of Shevington School from its opening in 1814. It was funded by public subscription for pious & useful learning. At the time it was not compulsory for children to be educated. It wasn't until 1880 that children between 5 & 10 had to attend school. The original 1814 stone building still exists but is now 2 private houses. A Victorian brick extension was later added and that also remains but as a hairdressers premises. As the population of the area increased another extension had to be built and that was Shevington County Primary School.
Louise Wade

Broad o'th' Lane School

The School archive.
It was closed by Wigan Council in 2017 and was recently demolished in July 2023.
Louise had been given access to the school diary and records which gave an interesting view of daily life in Victorian times and later. In a single room the attendance could vary dramatically. With full attendance 130 pupils would attend but this could be as low as 30.
During the schools life the leaving age for students steadily increased.
In 1893 the leaving age was 11.
In 1899 the leaving age was 12.
In 1918 the leaving age was 14.

The view in 2009.

School photo 1936

The third school is now demolished
The original school was opened as Broad o'th' Lane School and founded by the vicar of Standish, the Reverend Richard Perryn.
The building is grade 2 listed and on the south wall is a stone plaque reading:
This school for pious & useful learning.
Was built by voluntary subscription.
In the year of our Lord 1814
R. P. R.
The initials are thought to be Richard Perryn Rector.

The school records show that the standard of teaching was not always very high and in 1898 a score of 207 was achieved out of a possible 460.
Thomas Gerrard was the first teacher from 1814 to 1854 when he died.
Other than the 3 Rís Leisure time was included such as Swimming, hopscotch, football, cricket, hoops, spinning tops & climbing trees.

It is interesting to note that one year later another similar school was established in Adlington on The Common. That building also remains and is now two private houses. The datestone plaque is identical except for the date that reads 1815.

Overall a fascinating look at life and education back through 200 years.

Shevington Broad o'th' Lane School.
This school for pious & useful learning
Was built by voluntary subscription.
In the year of our Lord 1814
R. P. R.

Adlington, The Common.
This school for pious & useful learning
Was built by voluntary subscription.
In the year of our Lord 1815
R. P. R.

Adlington Old School

Adlington Old School Lane.

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